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Chasey Lain Has Lost Her Mind

I think we can all agree that Chasey Lain ain’t what she used to be. In a lot of ways. But that fact did not prepare me for these two videos, released by a website producer who’d hired her for a shoot.

Chasey shows up to the shoot completely cracked out and proceeds to slur, stumble and curse her way through a nonsensical argument with the director that lasts for hours. Luckily, they condensed it down into 12 minutes of absolute trainwreck for easy consumption.

Part of me feels bad for Chasey and part of me finds it hard to pity someone who is so disagreeable and crazy, but all of me wonders why people are hiring her in this condition.

Source: Porn Star Babylon

Porn Star Boob Job Redux: Voting

Gathering up these before and after pictures, I have to admit, has been fascinating. Reading peoples’ comments about who looked better before and after has been interesting, but I’d like to get a little more scientific.

I’ve put together 9 sets of images of 8 girls that you can vote on. Judging should mainly be based on breast appearance, but I understand that there are other important factors as well. May the best boobs win.



Top 5 Cum Dodgers

Some girls just don’t like facials. Some don’t swallow. Why they chose a career in porn is anyone’s guess, but by request, I present to you the top 5 worst cum dodgers on VideoBox.