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David Aaron Clark: RIP

Yesterday afternoon, the industry lost a legendary director to a pulmonary embolism at the very young age of 49. In these quotes from conversations with Luke Ford, DAC (as he was known in the industry) summarized his career thusly:

I graduated from Rutgers with a double major in journalism and art. Once I found out that I couldn’t paint or draw, I decided to become a serious journalist. I wrote for two years for the Dow Jones news service in New Jersey, then switched to Genesis in 1988 and wrote for a friend, Michael Banka. He was my college roommate who now edited Genesis. I was bored and looking for something else to write about other than planning commission meetings and human interest stories on missing children, gun shows, etc. From there I went on to Screw.
I’m down here [in Los Angeles] for two reasons. One, to make a better life for myself. Two, to prove a point. All these posturing idiots who think of themselves as great artists and brilliant filmmakers are by and large full of it… As a critic, when I decided to review pornography, I decided to give my subjects a certain benefit of the doubt and approach it as pornography…And take my critical standards from there, rather than compare it to a higher form of art. What distressed me is that many people I praised for being moderately talented, read my praise and mistook it for my saying that they were the equivalent of Francis Ford Coppola, or Orson Welles or David Cronenberg. Being a film nut, I’d look for parallels.

A quirky guy and serious director with a great admiration for Asian women, DAC will be missed.

Videobox’s collection of his films is by no means complete, but below is (what I think is) a listing of every DAC movie we offer for folks interested in seeing his work.