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Vivid Vitals: Brand New Faces #20 – Dixie Daytona

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I’m not privy to the actual statistics, but my gut feeling tells me there are more VideoBox subscribers without access to the Vivid premium channel, than those who do have access. If you fall into the former category, the scene I’m focusing on in this post, should cause you to reconsider that choice. The DVD is Brand New Faces #20 and the girl is Dixie Daytona. I previewed Dixie’s scene in Fresh Outta High School #13 in this post. That DVD hasn’t been uploaded to VideoBox yet. Once it is, we will have the complete set of Dixie’s work in the adult industry on site. Brand New Faces #20 was her debut appearance; Fresh Outta High School #13 followed soon thereafter. Evidently Dixie called it a career at that point. Dixie is featured in two scenes of Brand New Faces #20, her main scene and a bonus scene which occurred just minutes after the conclusion of her primary scene. I will discuss both scenes in this post. Does Dixie’s presence in Brand New Faces #20 warrant a one month subscription to Vivid all on its own? Assuming you don’t find cute twenty year old girls with perfect breasts objectionable, the answer is quite simply, yes.


Schoolgirl Scholars

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Slight change of plans. I had intended to upload part 2 of my favorite scenes post for the week ending 1/17. However, I ran into a problem embedding the flash player for several scenes on my list. I hope to have the issue fully resolved over the next few days. Instead, let me ask, how well do you know your schoolgirls? I have images of ten girls taken from photo sets of their scenes for the Digital Sin series Fresh Outta High School. Nine of these ten scenes will be uploaded to VideoBox in the coming weeks. I also have a list of ten names which match the girls in the images. Try to properly match the correct names to the supplied images. Ten points for each correct answer. Maximum score is 100. Click all images to view full size. The answer key is provided at the bottom of the post.


Preview: Fresh Outta High School #13 – Dixie Daytona

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One of the series I’m most looking forward to in the recent acquisition of titles from New Sensations and Digital Sin is Fresh Outta High School. I already own volume #13 of the series, which will be uploaded to VideoBox in the coming weeks. One scene of the movie features a girl not previously seen on the site – Dixie Daytona. I thought you might like an advance look at the scene along with a brief review. Click all images to view full size.