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What’s Your Porn Library Like?

The blog has really helped the folks at VideoBox get a better understanding of our members and we’re always curious to know more (especially because a lot of us are porn fans ourselves).

So…tell me about your porn library. How large is it (how many files you have, how many gigs they take up)? What makes a video worth downloading and saving instead of just streaming it from the site? Do you ever re-watch scenes you’ve downloaded?

Riding ‘Em Lightly

The Site-Ops and Development teams are always looking at ways to improve site performance. Typically most of these engineering efforts are focused “behind the scenes”. However for the next two weeks we’re test driving a very user facing change, CDN’ing our images.

CDN’s are Content Delivery Networks; these companies place thousands of servers in geographical diverse locations around the Interwebs. The concept being that these servers can dish out images and other navigation elements (such as CSS or JavaScript files) faster then our single colo in San Francisco. Our goal in this experiment is to decrease the page load time for members both domestically and internationally.

Please feel free to leave comments if you’re noticing faster or slower load times; please leave the name of your ISP and location. Thanks!

Connection Speeds: What’s yours?

According to our site analytics, more than 96% of visitors to the VideoBox site have a high-speed internet connection (DSL or faster). That doesn’t surprise me in the least, considering how little a dial-up or ISDN user could probably get out of our site. What I’m wondering, though, is how many folks suspect their ISP of throttling (or limiting) their bandwidth usage. Comcast has been pretty reliably accused of throttling bit torrent users with the help of a company called Sandvine. ISPs all deny it to the bitter end, but there’s clearly something funny going on here, especially in the UK.

Have any of you ever noticed anything out of the ordinary when you’re trying to download a lot of scenes? Here is a link to a speed test. Check it out if you think you’re not getting the download speeds your ISP promised you. In fact, if you want a more accurate picture of the speeds you’re getting try it at different times of day and see how much it varies.

Hiding Porn from Your Wife on a Mac


Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’m going to point you to an excellent article about hiding porn on a mac by Adam Knight at Mac Geekery.

How to Hide Your Porn from Your Wife

How to Hide Porn From Your Wife
We probably get at least one unsubscribe request per week from someone saying they have to cancel because their wife/girlfriend found out about their account. This is a totally avoidable situation if you’re careful. Read on for some tips for beginners as well as a few advanced techniques for those with savvier spouses.