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Ask Alison: Aspect Ratio Problems


Maybe this is more a technical question but why does Videbox distort HD videos rather than just letterbox them or just post them with the 16:9 aspect ratio?



So You Want to See Some Fisting?

Candy Stripers
As many of you have already learned, Candy Stripers #1 is completely screwed up. Our encoding manager is going to redo the files, but in the meantime, if you’d like to see the famous fisting scenes, they’re only available in flash. In fact, they’re the only part of the movie available in flash.

Most DVD copies of this film had the fisting scenes edited out (for reasons I’ll explain later in this post). Some, however, included them as hidden features. We encode Windows Media and flash files separately, which can sometimes lead to differences in the files, but never to this degree. What we’re guessing happened is that our encoding machines were confused by the hidden scene and had completely opposite reactions: one (wmv) didn’t encode the hidden scene at all and the other (flash) only encoded the hidden scene.

We will try to re-encode the movie, but because of the holidays, it might take a few weeks to complete. I will, of course, post an announcement when the new files are uploaded.

Because several members expressed concern about the legal status of fisting porn in the US, I’ve included a short explanation after the jump.