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Last Week’s Finishers: 12/20 – 12/26

A little late, here are last week’s finishers.

Sharon Wild
American Ass #4, Scene 3 starring Sharon Wild

A no-handed oral creampie. It’s like seeing a unicorn…
Demi Blue
First Class Euro Sluts #3, Scene 4 starring Demi Blue
Member rutnadexin3’s review: “She stroked off the first guy really nicely for the first 1/2 of the finish. Then the second guy felt the need to operate his equipment himself. She even gags a bit because of it (probably she expected to hj him into her open mouth as well).”


This Week’s Finishers: 12/13 – 12/19

As “This Week’s Finishers” has become a series, I’ve decided to include serial commentary that will culminate in a final blog post – Alison’s Laws of Finishing. This week’s law: Show some enthusiasm.

Ladies, this is your job. Take pride in it. Do it well. Don’t look bored or impatient. These guys take a while to cum and you need to be understanding – and then revel in the satisfaction of accomplishment. You’ve done something few porn girls manage to do and you shouldn’t ruin it by looking like you’re late for your 3:00 nail appointment.

Tiffany Holiday
Stripped, Spread, Stretched #3, Scene 1 starring Tiffany Holiday

This was a subtle cumshot. Until she picks the cum out of her mouth.
Alexis Amore
Myne Tease #4, Scene 3 starring Alexis Amore

Genuine oral creampie right here. Complete with swallowing.


This Week’s Finishers: 12/6 – 12/12

My favorite finishers this week were Aurora Snow and the girls in Caught On Tape #2. Chloe Stevens was my absolute least favorite. How about you?

Aurora Snow
Serenity in Toyland, Scene 2 starring Aurora Snow

Aurora Snow is a masterful cocksucker. It takes a lot of coordination to get both hands moving like that, I’d think. It’s hard to see where the cum goes, but I don’t think that takes anything away from Aurora’s performance.
Jenny and Kim in Caught on Tape #2
Caught On Tape #2, Scene 3 starring Jenny and Kim

Both of these girls had room to hold this guy’s cock and plenty left over to stroke it. Which is impressive in and of itself.


This Week’s Finishers: 11/29 – 12/5

I think doing this feature every week has made me even more opinionated about porn – specifically what kinds of girls ought not be in porn. I don’t want to rant here, but if you can’t tolerate getting strangers’ cum on your face and in your mouth, porn is not the job for you. Too many girls ruin an otherwise good thing (finishing) by acting like they’re getting squirted in the face with bleach.

Anyhoo, there were several girls this week who seemed to enjoy their work and I’ve made sure to note the good ones.

Michelle Lay
Assassin #4, Scene 2 starring Michelle Lay

This comment by philanthropist says it all: She deep throats him to the hilt and he cums down her throat hands free, until she pulls back and half of his cum sprays everywhere. Good shit.
Dress-Up Dolls, Scene 2 starring Trinity

Beautiful girl. She strokes him onto her tongue (and a little bit into her eye).


This Week’s Finishers: 11/22 – 11/28

Since I was gone for the Thanksgiving holiday, these finishers are a bit late. I hope you can forgive me 🙂

Kaiya Lynn
Asian Parade #1, Scene 1 starring Kaiya Lynn

Kaiya sort of allows her face to get fucked for a while, then jerks the guy off onto her chin. She gets pretty well drenched.
Lana Croft
Asian Parade #1, Scene 3 starring Lana Croft

She jerks him off for a while and he seriously launches right over her head. Pretty impressive, really.


This Week’s Finishers: 11/15 – 11/21

There were a lot of finishers this week. Twenty four, to be exact. I also tried out a new format this week. Let me know if you like it!

Fresh Faces #6, Scene 1 starring Gwen

I guess Gwen didn’t want cum in her hair (she held it back). Or in her eyes (squeezed shut). Or on her face (moved out of the line of fire).
Hand To Hand Combat, Scene 10 starring
Brianna Love

Brianna Love is really cute. But some of the faces she’s making here are not. Getting this guy to cum seems like squeezing water from a stone. This is a great movie in which every girl finishes, but this is not my favorite scene.
Hand To Hand Combat, Scene 9 starring
Crista Moore and Shawna Lenee

Christa bobs Shawna’s head on the cock for a while, but when he starts coming, they seem slightly surprised and and up licking it off their fingers.


This Week’s Finishers: 11/8 – 11/14

Vice Girls #2, Scene 4 starring Ashley Blue
Ashley gets a little help from guy 1 and then doublehandedly (that’s a word, right?) strokes the second guy off into her mouth. Classic Ashley Blue.

Cum To Mommy #2, Scene 4 starring Andrea
Not a great scene, but perhaps realistic if you were actually to fuck some random mom in your neighborhood. Member s2w9 sums it up: “complaining about anything in this scene is off-limits because she dirty talks while finishing him like a champ.”

All You Need Is Sex, Scene 6 starring Rebecca Linares and Lilianne Tiger
Lilianne jerks him off into both their mouths. Then they do a little french kissing/cum swapping. Probably the hottest example of this I’ve ever seen. (mostly because I’ve never seen a hot example of cum swapping before). Why the hell they cut to this guy’s awful face before the pop, I don’t know.

10 Years Big Bust #4, Scene 1 starring Minka
Minka jerks this guys off between her ridiculous ginormous (keeping the word invention going) breasts.

Perverted Planet #2, Scene 1 starring Salma de Nora
This scene was going fine until she’s stroking him into her mouth and gets it up the nose. Which looks like a booger and ruined it a bit.

Nasty Talk, Scene 5 starring Sandra Romain
Sandra Romain jerks him off into her mouth. Not at it, into it. You can see the cum on her tongue. A fine example of why Sandra Romain is awesome.

Superfuckers #10: Non Stop Sex, Scene 6 starring Petra Short
Two guys in this scene. Petra jerks the second guy off into her mouth after first guy does it himself.

Superfuckers #10: Non Stop Sex, Scene 3 starring Yasmine Fitzgerald and Alissa
The blonde (I’ll admit it, I don’t know which one is which) jerks him off into her mouth, kinda.

Naked Eyes, Scene 3 starring Bunny Bleu and Susan Hart
Guy gets jerked off by Susan and Bunny while eating Susan’s pussy

Naked Eyes, Scene 2 starring Bunny Bleu and Susan Hart
Bunny Bleu blows Herschel Savage, who says some dumb ass shit while he’s coming. It’s slightly comical, but not hot. Best quote: “The fortune of life surges through my penis!”

Believe Me I Wanna DP #3, Scene 3 starring Nikki Ryder
Ms. Ryder strokes one guy’s cum right on to her tongue ring. The other has to jerk himself off.

This Week’s Finishers: 10/25 – 10/31

I’ve only got two finishers for you this week. I can’t get over the suspicion that I missed some…do any of you know of any scenes I missed?

The Good, The Bad, And The Slutty #2, Scene 4 starring Presley Maddox
Presley does a nice job of jerking Ian Scott onto her face after she gives him a pretty energetic blowjob.

Blind Sex Dates #4, Scene 4 starring Jerzi Lynn
It’s not entirely clear to me what happened in this scene. Jerzi is giving this guy a blowjob and then she seems to be foaming at the mouth. It’s either an oral cream pie or rabies…

This Week’s Finishers: 10/18 – 10/24

I’ve gotta be honest – this was not the best week for finishers…

I Just Fucked A Black Guy, Scene 1 starring Jada Heart
Unlike last week when I listed the best scene first, this one is at the top because it’s just so awful. I’m not sure if Jada Heart had ever seen a penis before that day, but the face she made when he came was one of pure disgust.

Meet The Neighbors, Scene 2 starring Michelle
Another face-maker. This chick does whatever she can to avoid getting any jizz in her mouth.


This Week’s Finishers: 10/11 – 10/17

Girls Who Finish
Because it was so popular last week (I even got emails about it!), “This Week’s Finishers” is back for another round. This time, we have a dozen scenes featuring sisters doing it for themselves:

Secretary’s Day #2, Scene 3 starring Jenna Haze
Too good not to go first: Jenna Haze wearing cute glasses gives an awesome blowjob, takes it on the tongue (and then, for some reason, Kevin Moore takes his dick back from her and strokes a little more out, but whatever).

Ski Bitch, Scene 2 starring Julie Robbins and Katja Kassin
This is two (handjob) scenes in one and both girls finish at least one guy.