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What’s The Common Thread?

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Today I’d like to present ten VideoBox scenes which I’ve been returning to for repeated viewings. While most of the scenes feature familiar performers, there are a couple of individuals in the group whose work was unknown to me until recently. In addition to the scenes being among my favorites, there is a common thread which tie all these scenes together. See if you can identify the common denominator and tell me what it is. I’ve embedded the flash player within the post to preview the scenes. Click the link above the player to view the full scene.


Small Breasts: The Ten Hottest Performers

Big tits are overrated. There, I said it. While large boobs can be very attractive (as well as very unattractive), there’s something about a small, perky pair of tits that you have to love – especially when they come with a beautiful face, tight body and great attitude.

This is my list of girls who fail the pencil test, but succeed at being some of the hottest pornstars in the biz.

1. Micah Moore


Thinking About Keri Sable

Last night, I was browsing the site and started thinking about Keri Sable. Quick background story for those who aren’t familiar: young Keri entered the business in 2004 when she was just 18. She did a bunch of gonzo movies and got noticed by the president/owner of Wicked Pictures, Steven Orenstein, who offered her a contract. In early 2006, word was she quit the business and left her Wicked contract unfulfilled. No one really seemed to know what happened, but when she didn’t show up at AVN, it was pretty much confirmed.

My Story
I had the great pleasure to be at a dinner with Steve Orenstein that year at AVN. Everyone wanted to know what happened with Keri, why she was worth all the trouble, etc. What I remember of his answer is that she had that special thing, that je nes sais quoi, that you just know when you see it. He didn’t get into why she left, but had very kind words about her – she was a very nice girl, but very young. If she didn’t want to be in porn, who was he to try to change her mind?

Investigating the Claim
So I went back and watched a few of Keri’s scenes last night. Notably, Teen Fuck Holes #1, scene 5, Sex Fiends #1, scene 1, and Finders Keepers, scene 1. I wanted to see if I agreed that she was something special (why it took me 3 years to have the inclination to do so, I don’t know).

Maybe Steve Was Right
I watched her in a 1-on-1 scene, a scene with another girl and a guy and a DP. After all that, my thoughts were that she really seemed that she was in the moment. The main evidence was that her sex noises didn’t seem bored or forced, she smiled, got flushed, and above all, she moved her hips. Porn girls never seem to move their hips when they fuck. They just kinda lie there or bounce around or kneel passively. But Keri actually moved. So while skinny bleach blonde teen girls with fake nails are not usually my thing, I had to admit that I liked her. I think that’s the mark of a good porn star – they don’t fit with your usual aesthetic, but you don’t care because they manage to be hot anyway.

What about you? What’s the difference between an average porn girl and a porn star? What gets every one of a girl’s scenes on your favorites list?