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I’d Love To See More Of ….

We’ve all noticed the following situation. A scene is uploaded featuring a popular performer, especially one that the membership considers under utilized by the site. Quite often, the review comments will include a request for more scenes of the particular actress. These remarks are scattered throughout the archives. In this article, I’d like to compile a list of performers you wish to see more of. I’ll throw out a few names to get the ball rolling. I invite everyone to respond to the post with their own choices.


The 8 Best Porn Blogs on the Web

RSS Reader
I read a few dozen blogs every day to keep up with what’s going on in the porn industry. A couple of news sites, some blogs that aggregate interesting porn-related websites and a few written by industry insiders. There are a lot of good sites out there, but if you only read a few blogs per day, these are the ones I’d recommend (in addition to this one):

8. Boinkology
One part news, one part commentary and one part link lists, Boinkology is a nice catch-all blog for folks interested in sex (porn is a topic, but not the main focus of the blog).

7. Erik Rhodes “Slipping Away”
Reader Fedor tipped me off to the blog of gay porn star Erik Rhodes. He describes himself as a “miserable Porn Star with nothing better to do with his spare time.” You don’t have to be gay to find this guy’s blog entertaining.

6. Genesis Online
The online home of Genesis magazine. The blog is almost exclusively focused on porn news, but doesn’t sink to the level of some industry publications and simply post press releases for every new movie coming out.

5. Porn Star Babylon
I find a lot of porn star gossip on this site that doesn’t get widely reported elsewhere. Sometimes a little heavy on the Jenna Jameson news, but overall an interesting blog.

This blog seemed to start out as a pretty standard porn news blog. It’s since morphed into a predominantly personal blog of a woman who has alienated and enraged many in the adult industry. In that sense, it remains interesting, but I no longer count it among the best.

4. Popporn
TLA Video’s strange and entertaining blog about all things porn. It’s hard to describe. You kind of just have to read it.

3. Reverse Cowgirl
I think Reverse Cowgirl is one of the best blogs I’ve started reading in the last year or so. The author, Susannah Breslin, is not only an engaging writer, she brings a very interesting perspective to sex and porn.

Evidently, Ms. Breslin takes offense to being on a list of porn blogs. So she’s been removed.

2. Gram Ponante’s Porn Valley Observed
I’ll admit to being a little biased because Gram is a friend, but I’ll say that the reason we became friends is that I loved his blog and wrote to him out of the blue. Gram is a freelance comedy writer who spends his time hanging out with porn stars and writing about his adventures.

1. Fleshbot
The ultimate porn/sex information aggregator. Period. As part of the Gawker blog empire, they post tons of stuff every day and there’s something interesting to read every time I visit. If you only read one porn blog (other than the VB blog!), make it this one.

Alison’s Top 5 Porn Stars

Gianna Michaels

I’m in a sharing mood today, so I came up with this list of my favorite porn stars of all time. Lists are great because everyone has their own and loves to argue about them. I may not be a music nerd or a film snob, but I do know porn. So I submit to you my list of the 5 best porn stars ever (note: this doesn’t consider classic stars for a variety of reasons).