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Fresh Outta High School #3 HD part 1

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Today I’ll be reviewing the HD title Fresh Outta High School #3 in two parts. Digital Sin has assembled a stellar cast for this volume of the series. In part one of the post, we’ll look at scenes 1 and 3 featuring McKenzee Miles, and the pairing of Bree Olson and Paulina James. I’ve uploaded preview images, and have included summaries for the two scenes. Part two of the preview will follow shortly, with scenes starring Audrey Bitoni, Maya Hills, and Kissy Kapri. If you enjoy the HD content, and haven’t done so as of yet, you’ll be greatly rewarded with the purchase of a widescreen monitor. The 22″ and 24″ widescreen LCD monitors have become quite inexpensive, and they display the HD releases beautifully. My crystal ball projects the upload of Fresh Outta High School #3 will transpire on Thursday, 4/21.


Mouth 2 Mouth #7 & Internal Injections #1

I just received verification of the next two Diabolic updates. Mouth 2 Mouth #7 will be uploaded Thursday, August 19th, and Internal Injections #1 will be uploaded Friday, August 20th. In this post, I’ll be reviewing two scenes from Mouth 2 Mouth #7, and four scenes from Internal Injections #1. I will provide preview images for all six scenes.


Diabolic Review – Spring Chickens #18

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In our poll to determine first Diabolic upload, Spring Chickens #19 was the winner. That DVD was added to VideoBox two weeks ago, and was met with an enthusiastic reception. We are fortunate to have a few more volumes of this series. Today I’m posting a preview / review of Spring Chickens #18. I’ve captured images and have reviews and ratings for all six scenes, plus the behind the scenes segment. Please note I was viewing a low bitrate streaming version of the video. The images may not be quite as sharp as I would’ve liked, but they’re still pretty good. Will Spring Chickens #18 stack up favorably against Spring Chickens #19? It’s a tall order, but with a cast including the always intriguing Joanna Angel, super cuties Alexis Love and McKenzee Miles, old reliable Harmony Rose, and the porn debut of Stephanie Cane, I have high expectations.

Update: Look for the DVD to be uploaded Saturday, August 7, 2010.


Elegant Angel Preview: Teen Machine #2

Teen Machine #2
Elegant Angel is well represented at VideoBox with over 300 titles on the site’s roster. What has me excited is a recent purchase by The Content Dude, which will bring several of their newer releases (2007) to these pages. The first evidence of this procurement was the posting of Fresh Newcummers #1 just a few days ago. Today I’m presenting a preview of another newly acquired DVD entitled Teen Machine #2. I will give a general rundown of each scene and have provided some preview collages to help us visualize the action. Please click on the thumbnails to view the full size images. Fresh Newcummers #1 was well received by the membership. Let’s see if Teen Machine #2 has what it takes to earn a similar reception.