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Porn Stars Who Escort

Mika Tan
If you’ve ever seen the HBO series Cathouse, you’re already familiar with the wacky world of legalized prostitution in Nevada. I happened to see a press release today announcing that the one and only Mika Tan has made her Bunny Ranch debut and is now taking clients.

It made me wonder if there are any other big-name pornstars available for purchase. The answer: of course there are! The services of girls like Sunny Lane, Audrey Bitoni, Melissa Lauren, Tiffany Mynx, Cytherea, Lacey DuValle, etc. etc etc. can all be had for a price.

I knew that escorting on the side was something that porn girls did sometimes, but it’s looked down on in the industry, so I have to admit I was surprised that so many of them are listed on these sites. To be honest, I’m not sure some of the listings are legit. I’m pretty confident that anyone listed at the Bunny Ranch will actually be there (if only because there’s a TV series filmed there), but the others seem sketchy at best.

So, anyone want to try to book Audrey Bitoni and tell me how it goes?

A Few Words From Melissa Lauren & Who Is Alison Wonderhand?

Last month I had the good fortune to participate, along with several other adult film fans, in a brief online conversation with Melissa Lauren. Melissa was kind enough to answer the two questions I directed toward her, and her answers were fascinating. Here’s a brief tidbit:

“I guess anyone can fuck me, but I’m picky about who can dominate me. It’s something you gotta deserve.”

More from Melissa inside and then we’ll turn our attention to the mysterious Ms. Wonderhand.


Porn Star Boob Job Redux: Voting

Gathering up these before and after pictures, I have to admit, has been fascinating. Reading peoples’ comments about who looked better before and after has been interesting, but I’d like to get a little more scientific.

I’ve put together 9 sets of images of 8 girls that you can vote on. Judging should mainly be based on breast appearance, but I understand that there are other important factors as well. May the best boobs win.