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What’s The Common Thread?

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Today I’d like to present ten VideoBox scenes which I’ve been returning to for repeated viewings. While most of the scenes feature familiar performers, there are a couple of individuals in the group whose work was unknown to me until recently. In addition to the scenes being among my favorites, there is a common thread which tie all these scenes together. See if you can identify the common denominator and tell me what it is. I’ve embedded the flash player within the post to preview the scenes. Click the link above the player to view the full scene.


Noteworthy MFF Threesomes

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When Double Play #3 was uploaded to VideoBox last month, fellow member jb3082 posted the following comment in the scene 1 threesome featuring Karina Kay & Tiffany Taylor.

“Possibly the best 2 women in a 3-some scene created? Would make a great blog posting.”

I thought jb made an excellent suggestion (many thanks my friend) and decided to compile a list of MFF threesome scenes which were memorable to me. These are not necessarily my most favorite MFF threesomes (although many of them are), but rather scenes that were intriguing to me for one reason or another. I’m including a baker’s dozen scenes in this article, but there are probably a dozen dozen (is that gross?) MFF scenes on the site worthy of mention. So I need your help. Please tell the membership your favorite MFF threesome scenes (or those that stuck out in your mind for a particular reason). I’m embedding the flash player to preview the scenes I’ve listed, along with a few brief comments. If you wish to view the full scene, click the link above the player. Don’t be concerned with linking your suggested scenes. I’ll take care of it.


Small Breasts: The Ten Hottest Performers

Big tits are overrated. There, I said it. While large boobs can be very attractive (as well as very unattractive), there’s something about a small, perky pair of tits that you have to love – especially when they come with a beautiful face, tight body and great attitude.

This is my list of girls who fail the pencil test, but succeed at being some of the hottest pornstars in the biz.

1. Micah Moore


Top Scenes: June 2008

Top Scenes June 2008

Last month’s numbers are in and:

  • Brunettes outnumbered blondes 7 to 2
  • Straight sex beat anal, 6 scenes to 3
  • Four girls had tattoos
  • Two and a half girls had pubes*
  • Eight out of nine girls had real boobs**
  • Micah Moore made the list twice

Top 10 Scenes of June 2008
1. Fresh Newcummers #1, Scene 3 starring Micah Moore
2. P.O.V. Perv, Scene 1 starring Sandy Diamond
3. Fresh Newcummers #1, Scene 1 starring Faye Runaway
4. Daddy’s Little Princess #3, Scene 3 starring Missy Stone
5. Cock Craving Cuties, Scene 2 starring Adrianna Faust
6. More Cushion For The Pushin’ #2, Scene 1 starring Cassandra Calogera
7. Teen Machine #2, Scene 2 starring Micah Moore
8. Auto Bang Sluts #2, Scene 1 starring Ginger Lee
9. Creampie Cuties #7, Scene 1 starring Janet
10. The Girl Next Door #5, Scene 2 starring Liliana Moreno

* I count Micah Moore as half because they’re barely there
** Liliana Moreno continues to have a very nice, convincing pair of fakes

Elegant Angel Preview: Teen Machine #2

Teen Machine #2
Elegant Angel is well represented at VideoBox with over 300 titles on the site’s roster. What has me excited is a recent purchase by The Content Dude, which will bring several of their newer releases (2007) to these pages. The first evidence of this procurement was the posting of Fresh Newcummers #1 just a few days ago. Today I’m presenting a preview of another newly acquired DVD entitled Teen Machine #2. I will give a general rundown of each scene and have provided some preview collages to help us visualize the action. Please click on the thumbnails to view the full size images. Fresh Newcummers #1 was well received by the membership. Let’s see if Teen Machine #2 has what it takes to earn a similar reception.