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How Much Do Porn Stars Make?

In a comment on the last entry, blog-lover walken asked how much girls make for various types of scenes these days. To get the answer, I talked to Frank Lopez, the owner of various porn businesses and general in-the-know guy. He told me that the rates for new girls are as follows:

Blowjobs: $200-$400
Straight sex: $400-$1200
Anal sex: $900-$1500
Double Penetration: $1200-$1600
Double anal: $2000
For niche stuff like midgets or trannies, the girls generally get 15% extra.

Girls like Hillary Scott who’ve been in the business a while make about the same, but more toward the higher end of the scale. But according to Frank, Hillary in particular liked to work, so her rates probably went down. A bigger star like Amy Ried or Eva Angelina makes “way too much”. Frank said that “girls like that have inflated rates because they don’t like to work as much as, say, a Hillary who loved to get nasty 24-7”. I take that to mean that they make the high end or just above the high end of the scale laid out above.

There you have it. Straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.