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Fresh Outta High School #3 HD part 1

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Today I’ll be reviewing the HD title Fresh Outta High School #3 in two parts. Digital Sin has assembled a stellar cast for this volume of the series. In part one of the post, we’ll look at scenes 1 and 3 featuring McKenzee Miles, and the pairing of Bree Olson and Paulina James. I’ve uploaded preview images, and have included summaries for the two scenes. Part two of the preview will follow shortly, with scenes starring Audrey Bitoni, Maya Hills, and Kissy Kapri. If you enjoy the HD content, and haven’t done so as of yet, you’ll be greatly rewarded with the purchase of a widescreen monitor. The 22″ and 24″ widescreen LCD monitors have become quite inexpensive, and they display the HD releases beautifully. My crystal ball projects the upload of Fresh Outta High School #3 will transpire on Thursday, 4/21.


Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ part 3

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Here’s the final installment of Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’. Upset that she didn’t get laid in San Francisco, Casey returns home to L.A. to pay a booty call on Charles Dera. The movie then concludes with a 52 minute behind the scenes segment, featuring additional sex footage from the Casey – Paulina James threesome, Casey and Paulina peeing on Catalina Island, Casey peeing in Napa Valley, and other fun stuff.

Update: Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ has now been posted to the site.


Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ part 1

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Trying something a little different this week, as I’ll be previewing Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ in three installments. The previews are image heavy, and splitting up the post will allow the pages to load more easily. It’s a fun title from Shane’s World, with Casey and friends exploring various scenic locales within the State of California. Today we’ll look at scene 1 (Casey & Paulina James) and scene 2 (Casey & Devon). I’ll have the following two scene previews (Aubrey Addams / Reena Sky) in 24 – 48 hours and the final two previews (Casey / wacky behind the scenes) over the weekend. I’ll try to arrange to have the DVD uploaded shortly thereafter. And yes, as you can tell from the box cover above, it is the Collector’s Edition!


Prisoners Of Love

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Do women in porn seem to spend an inordinate amount of time behind bars? No, I’m not referring to their personal lives. I’m referencing their professional lives. The prison cell is an old standby in adult films. In this article, I’ve collected thirteen VideoBox scenes utilizing a prison setting, that have been enjoyable to me. The girls are usually the prisoners, but occasionally the tables are turned, and they are the jailers. I’ve embedded the flash player for previewing the scenes; click the link above the player if you wish to view the full scene. Undoubtedly, I’ve left out several good prison scenes in my post. Please share your favorite prison scenes with the membership. I’ll link everything up, making your suggested scenes clickable.


Noteworthy MFF Threesomes

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When Double Play #3 was uploaded to VideoBox last month, fellow member jb3082 posted the following comment in the scene 1 threesome featuring Karina Kay & Tiffany Taylor.

“Possibly the best 2 women in a 3-some scene created? Would make a great blog posting.”

I thought jb made an excellent suggestion (many thanks my friend) and decided to compile a list of MFF threesome scenes which were memorable to me. These are not necessarily my most favorite MFF threesomes (although many of them are), but rather scenes that were intriguing to me for one reason or another. I’m including a baker’s dozen scenes in this article, but there are probably a dozen dozen (is that gross?) MFF scenes on the site worthy of mention. So I need your help. Please tell the membership your favorite MFF threesome scenes (or those that stuck out in your mind for a particular reason). I’m embedding the flash player to preview the scenes I’ve listed, along with a few brief comments. If you wish to view the full scene, click the link above the player. Don’t be concerned with linking your suggested scenes. I’ll take care of it.