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New Content Dilemma

H2 Video
I have been considering adding H2 Video to our catalog. Surprisingly, this has led to a little debate in-house about it’s likely reception by our members.

So I wanted you to play my role for a minute. You need to remove yourself from your own personal interest and look at these previews from my perspective. The question I ask myself is, “on the whole will the community of users on VideoBox enjoy these titles?”

The production is generally the first thing I look at. This stuff is pretty well-lit and the camera work is good. There are some different girls than the normal Valley talent and the action doesn’t look so canned that it’s predictable. An extra plus is the light fetish for some of the users on the site that like that. What do you guys think?


Musings on Double Penetration

Double Penetration
There are a lot of acronyms in porn: ATM, BDSM, GS, ED, etc, etc, but the most common is the DP. These days, at least half of movies being made have one DP or more. Given that it’s so common, it surprises me that some people seem to dislike it with such a passion. I’ve long wondered what the big fuss is.

The most interesting claim that consistently gets made is that DP is gay, but it doesn’t seem to me like double penetration has much to do with the men at all. I mean, it’s porn. It seems to me that DP is more about the fantasy of being with a girl so slutty that she’d not only have sex with two guys, she’d let them fuck her in both holes. Perhaps it’s more about aesthetics, who knows?

So, blog readers, I’m interested. What’s your take on DPs? Love em, hate em or somewhere in between?


Friday Poll: Who is Your Least Favorite Male Performer?

I think everyone has at least one porn guy who can completely ruin a scene – even one starring one of their favorite girls (I know I do). Who is yours? If you choose “other”, please post your write-in choice in the comments!

The IAFD link will lead you to a picture of the performer and the example link will take you to one of his scenes.


I’m Just Curious…

Once in a while, a member will post a comment to the effect that they’ve waited 5 hours or woke up early for a DVD upload and it makes me wonder…how often do most people check the site for updates?


Combat Zone: Which One Should Come First?

Combat Zone Logo
When the content folks found out that you guys wanted to vote on which Combat Zone DVD should go up first, they thought it was a great idea. So, for the first time ever, VideoBox members get to decide exactly what you want to see!

The choices are linked so that you can make an informed decision. This poll will be open for 24 hours and I’ll deliver the verdict to the team tomorrow. So vote early and vote often!

UPDATE: As you can see, The Girl Next Door has received the most votes in the poll. Look for it in the 6:24 pm EST slot this Saturday, December 15th!

Friday Poll: Squirters

flowersquirt.jpgLots of girls claim they can squirt, but there are a few porn stars that do it for real and do it well.


If I forgot your favorite squirter, post her name in the comments.