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What Light Can Porn Shed on the U.S. Healthcare Debte?

News broke yesterday that Stephanie Swift has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Stephanie has been performing for almost 14 years and has no other forms of income. Because the cancer is so severe, she must endure a double mastectomy that she will be responsible for paying for out of pocket. A friend is collecting donations to help Stephanie keep from going bankrupt while dealing with cancer.

Not too long ago, fellow performer Nicki Hunter was diagnosed with and fought lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma, a complex form of cancer targeting the lymph system. In order to pay for the expensive treatments, a series of fundraising events were organized by friends and colleagues in the adult industry. It even appears that some of Nicki’s so-called friends may have been fraudulently raising funds and pocketing them instead of helping pay for her massively expensive cancer treatments.

A third actress, Tina Tyler, was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. Not wanting to have to beg for money for life-saving care, she is moving home to her native Canada for treatment because she is entitled to it as a citizen of that country.

I honestly don’t know whether any of these women were insured when they were given their diagnoses. Half of all bankruptcies in the U.S. are caused by overwhelming medical bills, and most of those people had health insurance. One can only guess at these women’s personal circumstances, but Americans Stephanie Swift and Nicki Hunter were reduced to begging and will likely remain on the hook for a tremendous amount of money, regardless of how generous their friends and acquaintances are. Tina Tyler, as a Canadian, can focus on her recovery instead of worrying how she’s going to pay for it.

I wish Stephanie and Tina the very best in their battle against the disease and I truly hope Nicki is able to remain cancer-free. If you would like more information on how you can help Stephanie Swift, please contact

The 7 Most Flexible Girls in Porn

I’m pretty sure it’s a common fantasy to have sex with a gymnast, cheerleader or generally flexible girl who can twist into all sorts of positions. Not many folks ever realize that dream, but that’s where porn saves the day.

I’ve ranked the girls based on a combination of flexibility, beauty and frequency of pretzel scenes. Each image is linked to a video of the lady in question showing off her limber moves.

1. Vanessa Lane
Vanessa Lane


Evan Stone LOVES VideoBox

Walking down the hallway out of the convention center, we spotted Evan Stone chatting with fans. As soon as he realized the camera was on him, he launched into this:

Cutest Cuties

Greetings Videobox members! My name is Andy and I work at Videobox as a member of the Content Team. My primary role in the company is to scan and edit all of the DVD box covers on the site. In addition to this I also help out with encoding the content that we get in. In short, my job often requires me to look at these porn stars from an aesthetic standpoint.

It’s been about two years since I first started here, and during my time at Videobox I’ve seen thousands of girls. So I’ve decided to pick out five of what I think are the prettiest girls on the site, pretty all around. Each pick includes a recommendation for a scene to check out. I hope you’ll agree with some of my choices.

Mary Anne
Mary Anne
Mary Anne is a total cutie pie. I first noticed her back when we were encoding some of the first of the Platinum X stuff hitting the site. She seems to have that slightly awkward, amateur thing going on, which I really dig, and her eyes are really blue and hypnotic. Be sure to check her out in Teens Cumming of Age #2, Scene 6, where she claims that her nice ass comes from “all that soccer I used to play back in high school”. Hot!
Annette Schwarz
Annette Schwarz
I truly believe that underneath all that cum-snorting and double anal that there is a sweet little German girl inside of Annette Schwarz. Yes, Annette is one extreme porn star. But, you know what? I think she’s pretty. Don’t miss Annette in Registered Nurse, Scene 2.
Franchezca Valentina
Franchezca Valentina
Franchezca Valentina is one of the hottest pornstars around. I love her long, brown hair and her matching brown eyes. Scene 1 of Clothes Freaks is one of my favorite scenes from Franchezca because of all the different outfits she tries on. I also like the way they do her makeup in that scene and it goes especially well with the black and pink stockings that she puts on at 10:30.
Monica Sweetheart
Monica Sweetheart
I think Monica Sweetheart is drop-dead gorgeous. Lucky for you, there are presently fifty-seven Monica Sweetheart scenes on the site. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but for the sake of time I’m going to say that Cum Drippers #2, Scene 6 is a good one to watch. Monica Sweetheart has beautiful everything and she knows it.
Rebecca Linares
Rebecca Linares
This Spanish cutie is also among my favorites in porn. If you haven’t already, definitely check her out in Booty and the Geek, Scene 4. This is one of Rebecca’s finest scenes and Johnny Thrust is hilarious playing the geek. Listen to the way she pretends to be creeped out. She can hardly contain her cute little smile the whole time. Oh, and you can’t tell me that accent isn’t cute as hell. Linares would be my first choice if I could meet a pornstar in person. She seems absolutely lovely.

Your Christmas Present: A Horrifying Cat Tattoo

Since I took some time off for the Christmas holiday, I didn’t happen to notice the DVDs we posted that day until now. The one that caught my eye and made it hurt was A Very Creamy Christmas, scene 4. Member ccmoosecc’s comment made me laugh out loud: “Nothing says Merry Christmas like a demonic cat tattoo on your snatch.”

I showed it to a coworker who’d apparently seen it over the weekend and knew exactly what the tattoo was of. This is not any demonic cat, but the Cheshire Cat from the video game American McGee’s Alice. See for yourself:

Hideous cat tattoo Cheshire Cat

I guess somebody had to top the travesty on Jenna Jameson’s neck

Why Don’t Some Porn Stars Do Interracial?

Interracial Porn
My post on what porn stars will do generated some interest in one agency form checkbox in particular – Interracial (IR). Porn being something of an alternate universe, “interracial” does not simply mean persons of different racial backgrounds having sex. It refers to black men with white women about 95% of the time.

Only about 40% of white girls will do a scene with a black man if the talent agency websites are to be believed. Even if you count the girls who are listed incorrectly in the non-interracial category (one site listed Gianna Michaels as not doing IR), it’s probably still fewer than 50%.

There are a few theories floating around about why some stars won’t do IR:


Thirty-eight Percent of Porn Stars Do Anal?

A few months ago, I read this post about a guy who ran some stats on “what will porn actresses do” based on data from an adult modeling agency’s website. Curious whether his numbers would hold true at other agencies and in general (confidence requires more than one sample, after all), I ran some numbers of my own.

This data isn’t shocking. Some interesting things that stood out to me, however, were:

1. Blowjobs aren’t a given. Only about 60% of girls do them. And swallowing is available less than half the time.

2. A star who’ll do girl/girl is pretty easy to find, but one who’ll do girl/girl anal is much more difficult. More will do anal with men than women.

3. Depending on whose data you look at, women willing to do solo are less prevalent than those willing to have sex with someone else on camera. Is there something inherently more self-conscious about being the only one being filmed?

4. About 10% of porn stars claim to be able to squirt. Is it possible that 10% of all women can squirt? Or are porn stars more likely to be able to/claim to be able to?

5. Only about half of porn girls will do interracial. Seriously?

Did anything jump out at you guys about these numbers? Or did they simply confirm for you that I’m a huge dork? 😉

Holly Randall: Where Did the Real Pornstars Go?

Holly Randall is a great photographer who’s worked in porn for about 10 years (oh, and she’s the daughter of legendary photographer Suze Randall).

During her time in the business, she’s seen the changes the industry has undergone and has an interesting perspective on how the girls have changed over the years that she wrote about in her XBiz column a couple weeks ago.

What happened to the few, the proud, the real pornstars? Back in the Golden Age of the adult industry, the performers were mostly a small community of women who truly loved sex and enjoyed showing their passion for it on camera. They were often older than the typical just-turned-18 fresh meat that I see so frequently these days, and lasted much longer.

She goes on to talk about how gonzo has basically become a competition in which the girls are expected to do ever-more extreme circus acts for their money.

I think this resonated with me because I’ve met these hollow-eyed girls who don’t even try to hide the fact that they’re just there to get paid and have no sexual passion whatsoever. It’s not hot and I think it’s one of the main reasons that I find 85% of porn completely boring and unsexy.

What do you guys think? Is porn really in a race to the bottom or are people just overreacting to the natural evolution of the industry?

Porn Stars Behind Bars

Janine Lindemulder in Jail
After hearing the news that Janine Lindemulder could be headed to prison, the men’s magazine Complex compiled a list of Porn’s Greatest Jailbirds. The list includes an insider trader, an attempted murderer and a bank robber. They don’t mention Brian Surewood, the porn actor charged with murder, but who wants to hear about the guys anyway?

Update: Other pornstar jailbirds from Porn Stars: Where Are They Now?:
Seka – Went to jail in San Diego for 12 hours in the 80’s for lewd dancing and obscene conduct
Rebecca Steele – Jailed in Florida on a cocaine charge in the mid-1990s
Cara Lott – In 1990 Cara was charged with prostitution
Candy Barr – Arrested for marijuana possession in 1957 and 1968
Linda Wong – Jailed in the 80’s for trying to fill a phony prescription for codeine


Guess the Warning Page Girls Contest

Click image to enlarge
VideoBox Warning Page Girls
Many of you have noticed that VideoBox launched a new warning page last week. Most of the folks who’ve mentioned it were wondering about the identities of a few of the girls. I could just tell you who they are, but what’s the fun in that?

Instead, I’m offering a free month of VideoBox membership to the first person to name each girl numbered below.

Click image to enlarge
New VideoBox Warning Page Girls

Submit your entries to with the subject line “Warning Page Contest” by 5pm PST on September 2nd. The winner will be announced on September 3rd. If no one accurately identifies all of the girls, the entry with the most correct answers will win. Good luck!

Hint: three girls appear more than once.