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Why Don’t Some Porn Stars Do Interracial?

Interracial Porn
My post on what porn stars will do generated some interest in one agency form checkbox in particular – Interracial (IR). Porn being something of an alternate universe, “interracial” does not simply mean persons of different racial backgrounds having sex. It refers to black men with white women about 95% of the time.

Only about 40% of white girls will do a scene with a black man if the talent agency websites are to be believed. Even if you count the girls who are listed incorrectly in the non-interracial category (one site listed Gianna Michaels as not doing IR), it’s probably still fewer than 50%.

There are a few theories floating around about why some stars won’t do IR:


Poll: Oversight of the Reviews

We’ve gotten several customer service emails lately asking why we don’t ban more members for making offensive or off-topic reviews. My feelings about this are mixed, but I think the opinions of paying members are really the ones we ought to be listening to. So I’d like to pose this question to you guys: should we be doing things differently?

Feel free to expand on your feelings in the comments. It’s a complicated issue and I may have missed a point of view with those four choices.