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Pool Party #2: Shane Departs – Taylor Arrives

A pool Party At Seymore's #2
A Pool Party at Seymore’s #2, which is scheduled to be uploaded Thursday 9/2, represented a crossroads in the personal and professional life of Seymore Butts. After a two year collaboration, it was to be the final appearance of Shane in a Seymore video (with the exception of compilation clips). It was also the very first appearance of Taylor Hayes with Seymore. I believe Taylor had already filmed a few movies for VCA, so this is not her industry debut. Taylor and Seymore would become a couple, and Taylor would be featured in several Seymore vehicles over the following few years. In Pool Party #2, Shane is limited to just one scene, with TT Boy. Taylor has a girl – girl scene with Madelyn Night, and a threesome which concludes the title. That final scene is shown straight through. No cutting back and forth from one pairing to another pairing, as in the rest of the film. I’ve captured images to preview all three scenes listed above, along with written summaries of Taylor’s girl – girl and threesome scenes.


Eva, and Jenna, and Amy! Oh, my!

header 0822
I’ve seen the future. Not the entire future, but I was able to glimpse two pending VideoBox uploads. I can happily report those two titles will bring us new scenes from site favorites Eva Angelina, Jenna Haze, and Amy Reid. Eva and Jenna appear in 1 on 1 #1, which will be uploaded Sunday, 8/22. Amy is featured in Naturally Yours #1, to be uploaded Monday, 8/23. In this post, I will preview those scenes (and a couple others from these DVD’s) with images I captured from the videos. I will also provide written scene summaries.


Mouth 2 Mouth #7 & Internal Injections #1

I just received verification of the next two Diabolic updates. Mouth 2 Mouth #7 will be uploaded Thursday, August 19th, and Internal Injections #1 will be uploaded Friday, August 20th. In this post, I’ll be reviewing two scenes from Mouth 2 Mouth #7, and four scenes from Internal Injections #1. I will provide preview images for all six scenes.


Diabolic Review – Lewd Conduct #29

Lewd Conduct 29
I’m looking forward to several titles from Diabolic, not the least of which are the volumes comprising the Lewd Conduct series. Lewd Conduct #29 is scheduled for upload Saturday night, August 14th. I’ve captured images and have reviews and ratings for all seven scenes. Check out the images for scene 2, and see if you can identify the three girls who make cameo appearances (the scene itself features Whitney Stevens). I recognized two of the three, but needed to do some research to come up with the third name. The scorching tandem of Sativa Rose and Lorena Sanchez are featured in a MFF threesome in scene 6, Cindy Crawford does DP, DAP, and DPP in scene 1, and we get an (abbreviated) Tory Lane bonus scene to conclude the film. Kelly Kline, Sara Faye, Taylor Ash, and Vivian West round out the cast.


Vivid Review – Batman XXX: A Porn Parody

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Batman XXX: A Porn Parody is a parody of the 1966 – 1968 television series which aired 120 episodes on ABC. Batman XXX was produced in April, 2010, and released by Vivid in May, 2010. At the 2010 FAME Awards held in July, Batman XXX was the winner for best parody. The FAME Awards are voted on by the fans. At the same show, Vivid was named favorite studio, and Vivid contract girl Sunny Leone won for best breasts.

I have captured images and written review summaries for all five scenes of Batman XXX. I’ve also included some pictures from the disc’s photo gallery. I expect the DVD to be uploaded to VideoBox in the next week or two. I’ve rated the DVD a perfect 5 of 5, and strongly encourage the membership to consider a Vivid subscription, if you haven’t yet done so. See this post, for another reason to sign up for Vivid.

Update: Batman XXX is scheduled to be uploaded on Sunday, Aug. 22nd.


Diabolic Review – Spring Chickens #18

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In our poll to determine first Diabolic upload, Spring Chickens #19 was the winner. That DVD was added to VideoBox two weeks ago, and was met with an enthusiastic reception. We are fortunate to have a few more volumes of this series. Today I’m posting a preview / review of Spring Chickens #18. I’ve captured images and have reviews and ratings for all six scenes, plus the behind the scenes segment. Please note I was viewing a low bitrate streaming version of the video. The images may not be quite as sharp as I would’ve liked, but they’re still pretty good. Will Spring Chickens #18 stack up favorably against Spring Chickens #19? It’s a tall order, but with a cast including the always intriguing Joanna Angel, super cuties Alexis Love and McKenzee Miles, old reliable Harmony Rose, and the porn debut of Stephanie Cane, I have high expectations.

Update: Look for the DVD to be uploaded Saturday, August 7, 2010.


Savannah Gold’s Throat Slit By Home Intruder

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Savannah Gold was seriously injured in an apparent home invasion. Many thanks to fellow members Dreamzkape and decroder for bringing the story to my attention. The Sun broke the news in its July 27th publication. Here is their account:

A dad was caged yesterday for throttling porn star Savannah Gold and slitting her throat. The busty actress-turned-escort was found naked and pouring with blood after neighbours in South London heard screams.

Full story from The Sun here.

Some interesting remarks in the comments attached to The Sun article.

AVN story here.

Sify story here.

Many questions remain unanswered. What is Savannah’s current condition? When did the assault take place?

The Sun reports the attacker was sentenced to a minimum of eight years in prison.

To my friends in the UK, please help me out. How fast does a case move through the UK judicial system? If this event occurred in the US, it would probably be many months, if not years from the date of the crime to the date of the sentencing.

If anyone has any further information, please leave a reply to the post.


Showered With Love

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I love watching videos of girls in the shower. Is this because one of my very first sexual encounters with a girl occurred in the shower? Or is it due to the fact that while innocently testing out a newly received gift pair of binoculars, I locked in on a young woman just as she was stepping out of the shower? Or is it because the upscale showers featured in adult videos, with all the fancy gadgets, attachments and accessories, send me into a nice daydream of renovating my own dilapidated shower? I believe all three factors play a role in my appreciation of shower scenes (but mostly the first two, lol). For this article, I’ve collected fifteen of my favorite shower scenes. I’ve embedded the flash player for previewing the scenes. Click the link above the flash player if you wish to view the full scene. I have included capsule summaries for all fifteen scenes. Undoubtedly, there are many other excellent shower scenes on the site. Please let me know your favorite scenes featuring a shower, bathtub, whirlpool, jacuzzi, etc. I’ll link everything up, making your recommended scenes clickable.


Diabolic Review – Un-natural Sex #19

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The first Diabolic DVD will be uploaded tonight. VideoBox has given me a sneak peek at a couple of the titles, and I decided to put together this review of Un-natural Sex #19. I have captured images and written reviews for all six scenes. Note that I was viewing a low bitrate streaming version of the video. Therefore, the images may not be up to my usual quality standards, but they actually came out better than I expected.


New Studio Announcement – Diabolic!!!!

header 0712
It is my great pleasure to announce that The Content Dude has finalized a deal which will bring the Diabolic studio to VideoBox. Diabolic has a number of excellent series on their roster, and their titles are generally populated with superb female casts. Those of you unfamiliar with specific studios, can tell I’m excited by my use of the rarely seen quadruple exclamation point in the headline above. Full credit to The Content Dude and his outstanding team in the Content Department. To celebrate, we’re having a poll to decide which DVD will be the first posted. Please enter your vote among the titles listed below. I will close voting promptly at 10:00 PM Pacific time on Thursday 7/15/10. I expect the winning video to be uploaded on Friday 7/16/10, with the runner-ups to be uploaded over the weekend. The Content Dude has declared the upcoming weekend to be a Diabolic Weekend.

Click inside for full boxcovers and scene breakdowns.

The voting booths have now closed. As you can see, Spring Chickens #19 is the winner in a competitive race. The contest was very close through the middle stages, then Spring Chickens #19 gradually opened up its winning margin.

Spring Chickens #19 has now been uploaded. Get it while it’s HOT!