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What Are Your Favorite Sex Acts? Reader Guest Post

Please enjoy this guest post by wcfields. – Alison

Once there was a fair lass named Alison,
To whom I sent an electronic mail,
To see if her permission could be won,
For questioning our members (mostly male):

She thought my note a lovely suggestion,
And said to speed my query with all haste.
So I ask ‘What gives you an erection?”
Or makes you sopping wet below the waist?

Perhaps you wish they focused on the Kiss,
Or Dirty Talk you cannot do without.
Do you long to see nasty girls drink piss?
(On this one point alone I have some doubt.)

So tell us all what cranks your libido.
Please chose your favorite dirty acts below.


Please feel fee to make a fuller accounting in the comments. Ranked lists are appreciated!

The Gianna Michaels Interview

Gianna Michaels
You asked, Gianna answered. An all-around cool chick, Gianna Michaels was excited to answer questions from her fans. If she’s going to do anal, what she does in her free time, who she likes to fuck, what turns her on and more…

How and why did you get into porn?

I was approached by an agent walking home from work in the steaming hot San Fernando valley. I was wearing a skin tight tank top and sweat glistened in between my cleavage like glitter. lol…. yeah and I didnt really take it seriously so I blew it off.

I ran into the same agent a year later in the same spot walking in the same smoldering heat and he asked me one question………….

Still walking huh? lol……. and I said SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! (in my head of course) decided to give it a shot


The Taryn Thomas Interview

Taryn Thomas
Taryn Thomas is without question one of the nastiest girls in porn. Which is why it was kind of heartbreaking when she decided to quit the business in 2005. But, like most pornstars who quit the biz, she’s back. Read on for the reasonably filthy IM interview…