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Squirting: Who’s For Real and Who’s Faking?

As of today, VideoBox has 135 DVDs and over 1,000 scenes featuring female ejaculation, also known as squirting. It’s a popular genre and it seems like while the ability to squirt among the general population is pretty rare, porn is just chock full of female ejaculators.

I don’t doubt that some women secrete fluid when they have an orgasm. On the other hand, many folks in the porn industry say that faking is rampant and what viewers think is female ejaculate is often actually pee. People like Annie Cruz in her interview with Ropeadope:

It’s a shame no fans can see what happens behind the scenes of these shoots. I’ve been up-close and personal with a lot of other “squirters” in porn, and the truth is in the taste and smell even if it comes out clear. Also, if you see a girl “squirting” a steady stream for several seconds, it usually means she’s pissing. For me personally, I have an orgasm when I squirt.

There are clearly squirting pretenders out there, passing their pee off as lady jizz. How to tell who’s for real and who’s full of piss? (ha) Read on for some industry insight and some examples from the VideoBox archives.


Squirting: It’s Not Just For Girls Anymore

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I’m going to let the blog readership in on a deep, dark secret. I’m a squirter. That’s right, Cytherea has nothing on ol’ rope. The fluid released is definitely not urine and definitely not semen. It is colorless and leaves an aroma of waffles with maple syrup (seriously). The launch produces a pleasurable, but not an orgasmic sensation. Come inside and I’ll walk you through the technique.


Thirty-eight Percent of Porn Stars Do Anal?

A few months ago, I read this post about a guy who ran some stats on “what will porn actresses do” based on data from an adult modeling agency’s website. Curious whether his numbers would hold true at other agencies and in general (confidence requires more than one sample, after all), I ran some numbers of my own.

This data isn’t shocking. Some interesting things that stood out to me, however, were:

1. Blowjobs aren’t a given. Only about 60% of girls do them. And swallowing is available less than half the time.

2. A star who’ll do girl/girl is pretty easy to find, but one who’ll do girl/girl anal is much more difficult. More will do anal with men than women.

3. Depending on whose data you look at, women willing to do solo are less prevalent than those willing to have sex with someone else on camera. Is there something inherently more self-conscious about being the only one being filmed?

4. About 10% of porn stars claim to be able to squirt. Is it possible that 10% of all women can squirt? Or are porn stars more likely to be able to/claim to be able to?

5. Only about half of porn girls will do interracial. Seriously?

Did anything jump out at you guys about these numbers? Or did they simply confirm for you that I’m a huge dork? 😉

Friday Poll: Squirters

flowersquirt.jpgLots of girls claim they can squirt, but there are a few porn stars that do it for real and do it well.


If I forgot your favorite squirter, post her name in the comments.