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Why has a movie disappeared from my stash? (or why is a movie no longer available?)

Our movies are licensed through various studios.  These licensing rights sometimes are only good for a certain period of time.  When our rights to a movie has expired, our practice is to remove the title from our site and evaluate whether or not to renew the license.

Why is the page not loading correctly? Why are Images missing?

If a page on the site is not loading properly and/or the layout looks strange, then it is likely that you are trying to view the site during a period of site maintenance. Please try reloading the page – It might take a few attempts, but after reloading the page, the site should display properly.

Where are the WMV files?

We are no longer offering WMV as a file download format as of early 2015. As most of the world has moved on to the MP4 (also known as h.264) format for streaming video and downloads, and no affordable cloud-based encoding providers offer WMV as an option, we are following suit and limiting our download format to MP4.

Mac Users: the MP4 format should play for you without difficulty, both when streamed and downloaded. QuickTime Player is typically set as the default player for Mac, and the excellent VLC Media Player from VideoLAN can be used to play MP4 files on all operating systems.

Windows Users:Fortunately, Windows Media Player 12 can stream MP4s just as easily as it handles WMVs. Click here to download the latest Windows Media Player.

As mentioned above, VLC Media Player can be used to play MP4 files on all operating systems. Click here to download VLC Media Player.

Additionally, Windows users can set up Internet Explorer and other browsers to stream MP4s through VLC Media Player the same as they stream WMVs through Windows Media Player, using the instructions on this page.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime by going to your My Account page.

You must first login to cancel your subscription.

Note: You will be able to access the site through the remainder of your current subscription cycle.

Who is my biller?

Your biller is

How often are Movies added to the site?

5 new DVDs are added to the site each day! In addition to the 5 DVDs released each day, each Premium Channel updates with 3 new releases a week!

How can I upgrade to the Premium Channels?

Members can upgrade to our Premium Channels by clicking on the upgrade buttons located on Premium Content DVD pages or in their My Account page.

What is a Premium Channel?

Premium Channels are upgrades to your VideoBox membership. They allow you to get even more out of your subscription by adding hundreds of new DVDs from premium adult studios at a substantial discount over other sites.

How can I change my monthly subscription to a pre-paid plan?

Unfortunately members are not able to change the lengths of their current subscriptions at this time. If you wish to do so, you would need to unsubscribe and re-join for your desired subscription.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Currently we accept Credit Cards and major Gift Cards as payment.

PayPal and other billers are not acceptable forms of payment at this time, but we are working on adding new payment methods. See our join page for the latest payment info.