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“Save Link/Target As” Not displaying? Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, currently doesn’t offer the ability to save files directly from webpages. If you right-click on a download link or media file, the option to download is not provided.

We are hopeful the Microsoft will update Edge to allow downloading but in the meantime, please use an alternate browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Roku Questions

How do I install the VideoBox app on my Roku?

Step-by-step information on setting up the VB Roku app can be found at:

How do I start a Roku free trial?

Information on how to start your Roku free trial can be found at:

How do I sync the roku app with my VB account?

If you are already a VideoBox member and have the VideoBox roku app installed, simply do the following:

  1. Open the VideoBox Roku app
  2. Select “I have an account” and you will be shown a screen with a sync code
  3. Go to your account page at and enter sync code in the field shown under “My Roku Settings”
  4. Your TV/Roku screen will update automatically when the sync is completed


How do I get access to all the content, not just what I see in the rows in my Roku page?

If you are looking for more content than what you see in the Roku app, fear not – there are several ways to access our huge library of movies and scenes!

For full members and users who are on a free-trial subscription, you can use the search feature in the Roku app to search for scene/movie titles. Simply go to the “Browse” section of the Roku app and scroll down. You will see the search button.

Users who have a full subscription are also able to stash any content they find on our site and then access those scenes and movies on their synced Roku app.

How do I hide the roku app? Install discreet app?

Using an access control pin will prevent unwanted visitors in your channel, but it won’t prevent people from seeing the channel on your Roku home screen. For that, you can install this alternative channel:

The channel itself is identical to our flagship videobox channel, but the logo and messaging that appear on the roku home screen are different, such that anyone seeing them won’t think they’re associated with an adult-oriented channel. You’ll never get busted again!

I signed up for a full membership before my trial expired. How can I sync my account?

If you signed up for a full membership before your free trial expired and need to sync your roku to the new account, simply email customer support at

How do I set Parental Controls (password protection) on the Roku app?

Enable an access control pin. From your “My Account” page, once you’ve synced your Roku to your VB account, under the “Roku Settings” heading, you’ll see a entry field called “Access control pin (4-digit)”. Simply enter a 4-digit (numeric) pin there, and you’ll be required to enter that pin each time you enter the channel.

How do I add Premium Channel content to my Roku?

Members can add Premium Channel content to their Roku accounts at anytime in the “My Account” section of

Simply login to and click on the “My Account” link in the top right hand corner of the site. Once in your account page, you will see green buttons where you can upgrade to add premium content to your subscription.

How do I add Premium Channel content to my Roku?

You’ve got more than one room in your house, right? Well, why not put a Roku in each of them, then you can enjoy hot VideoBox action wherever you are in your house!

Once you setup your first roku and install the VB app on a new roku, simply click “Link this Roku to my existing account” and you’re all set! Your additional Roku will work precisely like your primary Roku, with the same feeds, Stash and Parental Control. If you unlink your primary Roku from your VideoBox account, it will unlink all your Rokus.

Quicktime Playback Errors

Quicktime Playback Errors ( -2002 and -2010 errors)

Quicktime has been known to have difficulty playing back many types of media files. If you are receiving this error message, we recommend using an alternate player. The video player that we recommend to all of our members is VLC player that can be downloaded for free at the following link: DOWNLOAD VLC PLAYER.

VLC is capable of playing back all media types. If You are using a PC with windows, you can also use the most recent version of Windows Media Player to playback files that display this error on Quicktime.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime by going to your My Account page.

You must first login to cancel your subscription.

Note: You will be able to access the site through the remainder of your current subscription cycle.

How do I watch VideoBox on my TV?

You can now watch VideoBox on your TV! And because content on our big screen TV’s look best in HD, we are excited to be adding new HD content on a daily basis. So whether it’s your old favorite scene, or a new HD scene, you can watch it all while relaxing on the couch.

In order to get the VideoBox goodness from your online account to your television, you first need either a Roku box or AppleTV and AirPlay.

For more detailed information and instructions, please check out our VB on Your TV page.

Unable to sync account to VB Roku app

If you have followed the installation instructions on the VB on Your TV page and don’t see your favorites appearing in the VideoBox Roku App, please reset your Roku and check again.

If you see Recommended Scenes in the VB Roku App, then your account has successfully been synced! If you still have difficulty syncing your account on the Roku, please contact Customer Support.

Who is my biller?

Your biller is

How often are Movies added to the site?

5 new DVDs are added to the site each day! In addition to the 5 DVDs released each day, each Premium Channel updates with 3 new releases a week!

How can I change my monthly subscription to a pre-paid plan?

Unfortunately members are not able to change the lengths of their current subscriptions at this time. If you wish to do so, you would need to unsubscribe and re-join for your desired subscription.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Currently we accept Credit Cards and major Gift Cards as payment.

PayPal and other billers are not acceptable forms of payment at this time, but we are working on adding new payment methods. See our join page for the latest payment info.