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Let’s Share Clips! How to Make Your Own

I’ll admit it. I can be kind of a luddite about newfangled technology and when I first heard about the new Clips feature on VideoBox, I wasn’t very interested in checking it out. But once I gave it a shot, I realized that this thing is really cool.

I looked at the kinds of titles and tags folks are using and made a couple dozen clips of my own. I even made some new tags like female orgasm and flexible that blog readers have expressed enthusiasm for in the past. Others like oral creampie and finisher are already there, slowly being built up.

But I know that we all have tons of favorites we can make into clips and add to the pool, so I put together a brief how-to below for folks who haven’t tried the feature yet or want a few tips on how to do it. I think the readers of this blog have been waiting a long time for a way to share our clips with one another and I’d love it if you’d all post a link to your own profile in the comments.

Making Your Own Clips
1. Find a scene with some interesting action. I chose Who’s That Girl #2, Scene 1 because Lindsey Meadows finishes Vince Vouyer with an oral creampie.

2. Click the filmstrip where you want your clip to begin and drag to where you want it to end. You can adjust your choice by moving the tabs on either side of the clip forwards or backwards.

(click image to enlarge)