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Diabolic Review – Lewd Conduct #29

Lewd Conduct 29
I’m looking forward to several titles from Diabolic, not the least of which are the volumes comprising the Lewd Conduct series. Lewd Conduct #29 is scheduled for upload Saturday night, August 14th. I’ve captured images and have reviews and ratings for all seven scenes. Check out the images for scene 2, and see if you can identify the three girls who make cameo appearances (the scene itself features Whitney Stevens). I recognized two of the three, but needed to do some research to come up with the third name. The scorching tandem of Sativa Rose and Lorena Sanchez are featured in a MFF threesome in scene 6, Cindy Crawford does DP, DAP, and DPP in scene 1, and we get an (abbreviated) Tory Lane bonus scene to conclude the film. Kelly Kline, Sara Faye, Taylor Ash, and Vivian West round out the cast.


Diabolic Review – Un-natural Sex #19

header 0716
The first Diabolic DVD will be uploaded tonight. VideoBox has given me a sneak peek at a couple of the titles, and I decided to put together this review of Un-natural Sex #19. I have captured images and written reviews for all six scenes. Note that I was viewing a low bitrate streaming version of the video. Therefore, the images may not be up to my usual quality standards, but they actually came out better than I expected.


Who Is Porn’s Filthiest Female?

I think you have to be kind of a dirty girl (in a good way) to get into porn in the first place, but there’s a breed of porn star who seeks out the nastiest, most extreme scenes possible and seems to revel in them.

I’ve picked a list of about 30 girls who I feel might qualify for the title “Porn’s Dirtiest Girl” below. Pick your favorite (or least favorite, depending on how you feel about circus sex) from that list or add your vote in the comments if I forgot someone. So as not to influence anyone’s choices, my personal opinion follows the poll.


This Week’s Finishers: 11/22 – 11/28

Since I was gone for the Thanksgiving holiday, these finishers are a bit late. I hope you can forgive me 🙂

Kaiya Lynn
Asian Parade #1, Scene 1 starring Kaiya Lynn

Kaiya sort of allows her face to get fucked for a while, then jerks the guy off onto her chin. She gets pretty well drenched.
Lana Croft
Asian Parade #1, Scene 3 starring Lana Croft

She jerks him off for a while and he seriously launches right over her head. Pretty impressive, really.


Top Scenes: May 2008

Top 10 Scenes May 2008
Here, ranked for your personal edification, are the most downloaded scenes of May 2008.

Top 10 Scenes of May 2008
1. Naughty Amateurs #3, Scene 5 starring Micah May
2. Big Bottoms Up #1, Scene 1 starring Naomi
3. Natural Teen Nymphs #5, Scene 5 starring Sasha Sin
4. Spread My Lips, Scene 6 starring Ellen Saint
5. Ass 2 Mouth #4, Scene 3 starring Tory Lane and Flower Tucci
6. Sexy Secretaries #2, Scene 1 starring Lisa Rose
7. Shorty’s Macin’ Your Daughter, Scene 5 starring Jayden Rose
8. Slutty Campus Teens #3, Scene 1 starring Anastasia
9. Anal Lolas, Scene 1 starring Gabriella Marceau and Sunny Blue
10. The Girl Next Door #5, Scene 2 starring Liliana Moreno

Fun Stats About this List
Number of blondes: 6
Number of brunettes: 6
Number of redheads: 0
Anal scenes: 6
Straight sex scenes: 4
Squirting scenes: 1
Girls with real tits: 10
Girls with fakes: 2*

* Liliana Moreno has an outstanding set of fakes

Tory Lane: An Exemplary Porn Star

Most people agree that a big part of what makes a star great is her enthusiasm and love for what she does. Tory Lane just did a great interview with Rock Confidential in which she explains how she’s different from other girls in the industry:

They don’t love what they do. The money is great – it keeps me happy. I’m a pornographer, though. I love fucking on film. I love shooting. It turns me on knowing what I’m doing is turning other people on! When my job’s done and someone rents one of my movies, it’s a personal thing. I can be the dirtiest of the dirty but I can still sit down and have a family meal! I love what I do and that makes me good at it.

I highly recommend reading the entire interview, especially if you’re a fan of Tory’s.

The Elusive Oral Creampie

Cream Pie
oral cream pie (n): a pop shot that occurs inside the closed mouth of a porn star

Often searched for, but seldom found, the oral cream pie is a fan favorite that directors seem to be totally oblivious to. Read on for some scenes where you can find this mythical act.