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Vivid Review – Batman XXX: A Porn Parody

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Batman XXX: A Porn Parody is a parody of the 1966 – 1968 television series which aired 120 episodes on ABC. Batman XXX was produced in April, 2010, and released by Vivid in May, 2010. At the 2010 FAME Awards held in July, Batman XXX was the winner for best parody. The FAME Awards are voted on by the fans. At the same show, Vivid was named favorite studio, and Vivid contract girl Sunny Leone won for best breasts.

I have captured images and written review summaries for all five scenes of Batman XXX. I’ve also included some pictures from the disc’s photo gallery. I expect the DVD to be uploaded to VideoBox in the next week or two. I’ve rated the DVD a perfect 5 of 5, and strongly encourage the membership to consider a Vivid subscription, if you haven’t yet done so. See this post, for another reason to sign up for Vivid.

Update: Batman XXX is scheduled to be uploaded on Sunday, Aug. 22nd.


Vivid Vitals: Brand New Faces #20 – Dixie Daytona

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I’m not privy to the actual statistics, but my gut feeling tells me there are more VideoBox subscribers without access to the Vivid premium channel, than those who do have access. If you fall into the former category, the scene I’m focusing on in this post, should cause you to reconsider that choice. The DVD is Brand New Faces #20 and the girl is Dixie Daytona. I previewed Dixie’s scene in Fresh Outta High School #13 in this post. That DVD hasn’t been uploaded to VideoBox yet. Once it is, we will have the complete set of Dixie’s work in the adult industry on site. Brand New Faces #20 was her debut appearance; Fresh Outta High School #13 followed soon thereafter. Evidently Dixie called it a career at that point. Dixie is featured in two scenes of Brand New Faces #20, her main scene and a bonus scene which occurred just minutes after the conclusion of her primary scene. I will discuss both scenes in this post. Does Dixie’s presence in Brand New Faces #20 warrant a one month subscription to Vivid all on its own? Assuming you don’t find cute twenty year old girls with perfect breasts objectionable, the answer is quite simply, yes.


Vivid Girls Hate Choco Tacos

Conan O’Brien fans who tuned in this Tuesday got a glimpse inside the Vivid Entertainment Plaza (plaza?) when he went on a tour of his new Studio City neighborhood and happened to pay Vivid a visit. For those who missed it, please enjoy:

The first several minutes of the clip show Conan wandering around to a magic shop, a ski store and a sign-making establishment. He finishes his odyssey at the Vivid compound, getting a tour of the facility by the likes of Monique Alexander, Sunny Leone and Meggan Mallone.

In the final moments of the clip, Conan distributes an ice cream treat called a Choco Taco. Vivid contract stars are up for anything (except, in some instances, anal. or penises), so they all gave the frozen novelty a try (or at least an exploratory bite).


Watch Meggan Mallone and A.J. Bailey’s faces at the end of the clip. From what I hear, all the girls completely hated the Choco Tacos. But on the plus side, Andy Richter is reportedly really nice.

VideoBox Annouces Premium Upgrades

Well, we have been saying there is going to be a huge change at Videobox and by now you are fully aware that you can add additional Evil Angel or Vivid movies to your membership at VideoBox.

It wasn’t an easy decsion on our part to add these additional subscriptions. We get a huge number of requests for Evil and Vivid from our members, but those studios were not interested in licensing their content. The only way to get them on board (so that we could give you guys additional content options) was a model like this.

VideoBox has been and will continue to be the best value on the net. If you look at the average price of an adult website at $29.95, $17.95 is still a pretty good deal.

I look at it like HBO. You can have basic cable, or, if you want to watch the Sopranos you can add HBO. Granted, it’s not for everyone and you don’t have to subscribe. VideoBox will still provide the same great service we have and the content will continue to be good and get better. I have no intention of rigging the Videobox queue with crappy content that doesn’t benefit anyone.

Without wanting to sound salesy, I think you should try one if they look interesting to you. If not, you can continue to enjoy VideoBox the way you always have. I am committed to continuing to bringing you the best content service at the lowest cost possible and we never intend to change that.

A Tale of Two Porn Publicity Stunts

You probably remember Ropeadope’s post last month about Larry Flynt’s bailout PR stunt. When I heard about it, I thought it was actually pretty funny and showed Flynt is still on top of his game.

On Tuesday, Steven Hirsch of Vivid offered Nadya Suleman (aka Octomom) one million dollars to star in a Vivid movie. If you haven’t been following the Octomom story (or even if you have), here’s my take: as outrageous as her situation is, I find it tragic in the end – mostly for her children. So when Vivid offered her a million dollars to be in a porno, it felt like a cynical PR stunt to get Vivid’s name in the news. And it was very successful at that.

The next day, Pink Visual wrote a letter/press release of their own. In it, they say, “It simply isn’t in your interest, and more importantly in the best interest of your children, for you to become a porn star” and offered Ms. Suleman one year’s worth of free diapers not to accept Vivid’s offer.

Perhaps you’re saying “but they’re just trying to capitalize on the situation too!” and you’d be right. But you know who looks better in this whole mess? Pink Visual. They capitalized on Vivid’s PR stunt to make themselves look good while making a competitor look bad. As a marketing professional myself, I have to say I was impressed…

Update: Nadya has turned Vivid down (shocking!). According to Radar Magazine, Suleman said, “I think it’s kind of funny that I got offered a million dollars to make porn, those guys at Vivid video must be nuts! Who wants to see me naked? Maybe in a year when the baby fat goes away.”

Soap Star Kelli McCarty Leaves Network TV for Porn

Kelli McCarty Launches Porn CareerFile this one under You Don’t See That Every Day: Kelli McCarty, former Miss USA 1991 and star on the soap opera Passions, has left the mainstream entertainment biz for adult. She’s already shot her first feature for Vivid, a MILF-themed movie called Faithless. According to AVN, Faithless is the story of an unhappily married woman who seduces her stepdaughter’s boyfriend.

With the rising popularity of MILF movies, I can’t say that waiting until age 39 is totally unheard of in porn nowadays, but it’s certainly not common. The word from Kelli is that she approached Vivid with the idea for Faithless and was happy enough with the outcome that she may try her hand at another porn movie. I hope she does, because I don’t predict she’ll be getting offered too many mainstream roles in the near future.